Service Projects Proposed for 2015 – 2016

Cebu Island, Philippines | Love in Any Language | Help Children Heal from A Devastating Typhoon

This project provides Transformational Education programs to help children heal emotional scars in the wake of the devastating 2013 typhoon Haiyan. Project leaders Aileen Socrates and Brian Kelly will coordinate a group of volunteers and local nuns from the Sisters of Mary, a Catholic order, to work with groups of
10-15 students.

We are seeking a small team of volunteers to join us for this two-week trip to Cebu, Philippines, from July 2 – July 15. We feel that “Love in Any Language” can help uplift the children of Cebu!

This workshop is still being finalized with proposed dates below. If you are interested and wish to be considered for this service project, please contact Linda Slade at 310 500 0850 to be included on the reservation list. You will be contacted with further information as it becomes available.


    Round-trip tickets on Philippine Airlines (PAL) from LA to Manila start at $1550

  • PAL flight 103, departs LAX 10:20 A.M., Thurs, July 2
  • PAL flight 2845 departs Manila at 7 A.M., Saturday, July 4
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July 5
  • Cultural training program
  • Visit Cebu’s Taoist Temple, followed by dinner at TOPS Scenic Overlook.
July 6
  • Site visit to Boystown and Girlstown campuses
  • Meet our hosts, the Missionaries of the Poor and Sisters of Mary
July 7
    Team building and program training with local teachers
July 8 – 11
    Transformational Education Program in partnership with local teaching staff
July 12 –14
    Optional tourist trip

  • Boat excursion to Bohol to visit:
  • Bohol Coastal Road
  • The majestic Chocolate Hills
  • Endangered Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary
  • Tropical Butterfly Garden
  • Tropical Butterfly Garden
  • Swimming, snorkeling, and (weather permitting) sailing off the white sand beaches of Anda.
July 15
  • Take the Bohol Coastal Road from Anda Beach to Tagbiliran Airport.
  • Depart Tagbiliran airport back home or to any other destination you wish to visit in Asia!

* The itinerary and activities may change due to unforeseen circumstance such as weather or logistics.

2. South Africa | Reach for the Stars | Educational Project at Two Sisters Orphanage

Note: This project is now fully booked.

We are working with a small orphanage in NE South Africa working with AIDS orphans on a two-day educational poetry and writing project called ‘Reach for the Stars.’ We are working with 260 orphans.

This is an on going educational project between International Mother Earth Foundation and Patrick Chamusso, who runs the orphanage Two Sisters in White River, Nespruit, Kruger

We will lead creative movement and writing workshops to encourage children to tell their stories through poetry and creative writing. Their work will be presented at a later date in the US as a fundraiser. In this project, the children’s creative work will help defray material and construction costs for an orphanage. This fun project is designed to empower, boost self-esteem as well as raise funds.

3. Q’ero Community, Peru | Solar Panel Fund for One of the Original Surviving Incan Tribes in Andes

The Peruvian government has announced its intention to provide free solar power to 2 million of its poorest residents by 2016. However, the Q’uero community in the Andean mountains where we helped to provide potable water in 2013, still remains without electricity.

We have pledged to raise $7,000 for our solar panel fund. By donating to our Solar Panel Fund, you will help provide electricity to one of the poorest communities in the world. One solar panel can provide basic lighting and heating for an entire family. Our goal is to provide nine solar panels, transport costs and the fee for a local expert to work with the community who can help them install the panels. This initiative will furnish 18 families with basic electricity for heating and indoor lighting. Dates to be confirmed.

4. Rural Uganda | Community Medical Center for BARWODA

International Mother Earth Foundation is pleased to announce that we are now ambassadors for BARWODA: The Rural Women’s Development Association in Uganda.

Barwoda is a community based women’s organization that is located in Lake Katwe area in the Kasese District. Founded in 1998 by five local women, the group promotes local community development. Barwoda works to inspire women to initiate projects to overcome poverty, unemployment, disease, hunger and illiteracy.
Our goal is to help build and equip a community health center to serve the 210,000 inhabitants of Kyarumba and the surrounding villages of Kyondo, Mahango, Kabirizi and Lake Katwe. We seek to support BARWODA in its efforts to provide outpatient services and preventative care, such as vaccinations, maternity, postpartum and baby care.

We also plan to help support laboratory testing, health education, emergency care and the stabilization of patients for transport to the Kagando Hospital with our financial donations. Our efforts are aimed at alleviating infant/child mortality as well as providing rural health services.

We welcome both volunteers and donations. Please contact us for more information.

5. Rishikesh, India | Support Mother Miracle in Furthering Education

We will work to build a vocational building next to the Mother Miracle school, overlooking the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India. Mother Miracle provides classes to more than 600 children. An adjacent vocational building would serve as the site of teacher training programs, and as a potential work site for mothers of children attending Mother Miracle. The school has been spearheaded for the past 10 years by a relative, Shala, of IMEF board member, Marjan Tavakkolian.

For additional info on Mother Miracle, please visit:
Web site:
Facebook: Mother Miracle School.